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Golden Cross - Lewes, Sussex, Unpasteurised Goat. A dense, fudgy textured goats cheese in the style of French Ste Maure. Lighter flavours & less acidic than the French Version.

Sharpham Cremet - Totnes, Devon, Unpasteurised and Cows Cream. A rich & creamy bloomy rind cheese has a mellow earthy appeal verging on clotted cream. Perfect with sparkling wine and light reds.

Brie De Meaux - Île-de-France, Unpasteurised Cow. Soft velvety texture with a tender bloomy rind. Rich golden cheese with an earthy character.

Wigmore - Riseley, Berkshire, Thermised Ewe. A sappy fruit rich flavour is quite sharp and crumbly when young, but with maturing, the edges begin to melt making it velvety rich.

Robiola Rocchetta - Piedmont, Italy, Pasteurised Cow, Ewe & Goat. This creamy soft cheese tastes sweet & nutty and is best eaten fresh, or with a little maturing will taste more earthy & rich.

Comté D’estive - Franche Comté, Unpasteurised Cow. Ivory coloured pâté with a smooth, nutty flavour & a golden brown crust. In the style of a rich & distinct Gruyère.

Napoleon - Hautes-Pyrénées, Pasteurised Ewe. In the style of an Ossau but with a softer texture & a lovely nutty tang. Perfect with wines of the region or full bodied dry reds.

Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire - Lancashire, Unpasteurised Cow. This cheese shows a buttery, yoghurty flavour with a fluffy & light texture.

Lincolnshire Poacher Double Barrel - Lincolnshire, Unpasteurised Cow. A hard cheese made by Dougal Campbell. The chalky soil where the cows graze gives the Poacher a distinctive savoury acidity.

Bethmale Chèvre - Ariege, Pasteurised Goat. A chewy textured cheese pitted with tiny pinholes. Lovely earthy, floral flavours with nutty rustic additions to the taste.

Plaisir Au Chablis - Burgundy, Pasteurised Cow. A soft mellow cheese washed in Chablis during ripening gives a wine flavour. A orang rind when young, darkens with a copper hue as it matures.

Taleggio Della Val Brembana - Lombardy, Italy, Pasteurised Cow. The texture is creamy with a rich, melting quality with a light salty tone & sappy floral flavours.

Fourme D’ambert - Auvergne, Pasteurised Cow. Known as “The Connoisseur’s blue cheese”. The texture s rich & mellow with a nutty subtle flavour.

Beauvale - Nottinghamshire, Pasteurised Cow. A well-balanced & supple blue, threaded with delicate blue moulds. Deep flavours of savoury, almost meaty tones.

Colston Bassett Stilton - Nottinghamshire, Pasteurised Cow. Deep & richly textured, with a delightful spicy blue tang which is nutty & rich.

Manchego - La Mancha, Unpasteurised Ewe. Aged between 12-18 months, when the texture becomes grittier & fruitier, also when the pate darkens in colour.

Gouda Cumin - Holland, Unpasteurised Cow. A farmhouse cheese in the traditional style with the addition of cumin.

Tete De Moine - Bern, Unpasteurised Cow. Matured on spruce planks with occasional brine washings. The pate is nutty and fruity.

Montgomery’s Cheddar - North Cadbury, Unpasteurised Cow. A superb farmhouse cheddar from his herd of 200 Friesian Cows. A very sophisticated, classic cheese.


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